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January 16, 2024

Congratulations to Raeanne Pileggi of Spencer for winning a $100 gift certificate to Bemis Farms Nursery and an additional $100 gift certificate to The Farmer’s Daughter.

Raeanne took our fun Plant Something MA quiz in June to determine whether she was about to “Get the Dirt” for the first time, ready to “Play with Dirt” or was truly “Down with Dirt.”

The Plant Something MA quiz collected responses from March 2016 well into the fall with over 470 participants. Through these answers, a majority of quiz takers were determined to be already Playing with Dirt! Twenty-five percent of participants were about to “Get the Dirt” and 19% were truly “Down with Dirt.”

Get the dirtWe asked participants which plants they grew or tended to grow in 2015. Tomatoes won overwhelmingly with 314 votes while, sadly, pear trees and beets lost. Participants also wrote in to tell us what they were planning to grow and the results were very interesting! Maybe next year, we will add eggplant to our check-off list as that was a popular write-in. Congrats to the person who wrote that they plan to grow “Swiss cheese monster, lipstick plant, peace lily, string of pearls, purple cactus, crown of thorns, various cacti, pothos, dill, cilantro, bonsai jade tree, anthurium, money tree, and air plant.” We want to tour your garden! Lots of folks are growing things from seeds and pits: as one person wrote, they were growing a “peach tree that I started from a sprouting pit and it has a high yield of fruit.” We also heard about creative ways to get plants, such as dumpster diving. Yikes!

We followed up with quiz takers with an additional survey and learned even more! Of those, 14% bumped themselves up a garden level, for example from beginner to intermediate, 52% increased their garden space, and 44% increased their spending on garden purchases.

Plant Something MA collected other tidbits of info from survey participants. When asked “Why did you Plant Something in 2016?” 56% of the participants answers that they “like to cook and eat the fruits of my labor.”

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