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Week of April 5, 2021

An herb adored by bees is lemon balm.An herb adored by bees is lemon balm. A member of the mint family, lemon balm is easy to grow. Its yellow-green leaves contrast beautifully with surrounding herbs in the garden. Unlike other varieties of mint, lemon balm stays in place and can be cut back when it gets too tall.

Remove mulches from garlic planted last fall.

Apply preventative herbicides for crabgrass when Forsythia is in full bloom.

When purchasing clematis, look for a good, strong-growing, healthy plant. Two- or three-year old bushy plants that are well established in good-sized pots (approximately 1/2 gallon) and having two or three strong stems are an excellent choice.

Refresh landscape mulches now; they are the first line of defense for annual weeds.

As the day length increases, water and fertilize houseplants more often.

As soon as the soil is workable in the vegetable garden, sow seeds of parsnips, peas and spinach.

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