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Week of December 14, 2020

Winter is a great time to work on pruning.Winter is a great time to work on pruning. Prune hedges, especially evergreen ones, so they are narrower at the top then at the base to help prevent winter winds and snow from breaking the hedge by splaying the branches.

Northern bayberry (Myrica pensylvanica) is a salt tolerant shrub.

Store kitchen scraps for the compost pile in the freezer.

The lily flower is a traditional Hanukkah flower and is a staple for any Hanukkah bouquet.

Next year, grow popcorn with a fun seed color: pink, red, black or blue.

Hyacinths, crocuses and amaryllis can be forced in water alone. Use a special glass forcing vase or a carafe with a wide cup-shaped top. The bulb fits in the cup and the pale, hair-like roots descend into the water.

Spray poppy seed heads, artichokes, fronds of hemlock and holly gold and/or silver to use as part of holiday decorating.

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