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Week of February 22, 2021

Start pansies indoors from seed. Start pansies indoors from seed. 

If a cutting garden is in your plans this season, consider the following flowers for beautiful, colorful displays indoors or out. Dahlias in the medium size forms, zinnias, sunflowers, cosmos for their light and airy appeal, ammi, yarrow is adored by pollinators and blooms beautifully in the garden as well as being a long-lasting cut flower, Shasta daisy is a favorite in the cottage garden, nigella and of course, roses and herbs all offer both beauty and fragrance in a bouquet.

Attend a flower and garden show. Even if it is a virtual event, like most these days, garden inspiration is a way to look forward to the soon-to-come warmer months!

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Keep houseplants away from heat sources and protect from other brief changes in temperature. 

Artichokes are perennials that need a cold treatment to induce budding. You can “trick” artichokes by sowing now, growing warm and then transplant in early May to take advantage of 40-50 degree weather for approximately 10 days.

If you didn’t get to it last fall, now is the perfect time to tune up power equipment used in the garden. Change the oil, replace spark plugs, tighten bolts, sharpen the blades on the lawn mower, replace dirty air filters and clean all debris from and near engine parts.

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