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Week of January 25, 2021

A heating mat is a good investment for starting seeds indoors.A heating mat is a good investment for starting seeds indoors.

Growing vegetables and some fruits in containers is another way to save space in the garden. Containers may vary in size and shape; drainage holes are important. Before using a container to grow a plant, check to make sure that it never held any toxic substances. Tomatoes, pepper, bush and pole beans, cucumber and summer squash are excellent choices for container gardening.

Do not remove snow or ice frozen on plants as removal could cause more damage.

Ticks can be active all winter on days that are above freezing—be vigilant.

Use proper body posture when shoveling snow to avoid injury.

Keeping bird feeders full during the cold winter will help birds maintain body weight lost as a result of trying to keep warm. Try to place feeders, with different types of seed, at varying heights to accommodate the many species of birds.

Wash and sterilize seed flats and containers before reusing.

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