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Week of July 5, 2021

Shop the flower garden for table arrangements.Shop the flower garden for table arrangements.

Want your pink hydrangea to be blue? Aluminum sulfate can help acidify the soil. However, not all Hydrangea macrophylla can change from pink to blue (or vice versa).

Remove suckers on indeterminate tomatoes to improve production and reduce disease. 

Dogwood sawfly larvae may be found defoliating leaves roughly between 1151–1500 growing degree days. 

Allow blueberries to develop their full flavor before harvesting.

Harvest green peppers just as soon as you have a use for them. They do not store well. If left on the vine, they will turn red like a hot pepper yet they will retain their mild flavor.

Harvest eggplant when they reach 4” long and still have a shiny skin.

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