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Week of July 4, 2022

Happy Fourth of July!Happy Fourth of July! Your container gardens are probably flourishing these days. If you created the containers be sure to check out the Battle of the Container Garden Designers taking place on July 13–14 in Hopkinton, MA! Click here to learn more.

Growing mint? Add harvested leaves to your iced tea for a fresh summer beverage!

Harvesting basil stems rather than just leaves results in bushier plants.

Watch for Japanese beetles eating leaves of roses, beans and grapes.

Shop the flower garden for a fresh table arrangement.

While it is not possible with all Hydrangea macrophylla, some species’ flowers can be changed from pink to blue by adding aluminum sulfate to acidify the soil. Visit our locator map to find a professional near you that can offer more information!

Harvest pickling cucumbers when they are 2–6 inches long.

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