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Week of June 12, 2023

Planting just one flowering plant provides pollen or nectar for pollinators.We’re commemorating our affection for the Earth by establishing gardens that promote pollination! Vital pollinators, mainly insects but also some animals, transport pollen from male plants to female ones, resulting in the development of seeds that will produce the next generation of plants. Planting just one flowering plant also provides pollen or nectar for pollinators. Click here to pledge to Grow Wild!

Keep removing flower spikes on basil plants as they continue to grow. This will encourage more leafy growth.

Attract pollinators with showy flowers as well as a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Click here to learn more about planting for pollinators.

Don’t let the grass get too long in between mowing so you can leave the cuttings on the lawn as fertilizer.

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