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Week of June 7, 2021

When choosing mulch for your landscape, do some researchWhen choosing mulch for your landscape, do some research. Not all mulches are the same. Some are comprised of ground up pallets and tree stumps and others are dyed. Neither of those mulches are of good benefit to your landscape. Choose a natural, shredded bark mulch that is only the outer casing of the tree. The proper mulch will aid in moisture retention, control weeds, protect plants from mowing injury, add organic matter to the soil and is aesthetically pleasing.

Water newly planted trees and shrubs frequently.

Peonies grow best in morning sun and afternoon shade.

Weed control is essential when growing strawberries. Grass and weeds shade leaves of the strawberry plant and compete with these shallow-rooted berry plants for nutrients and moisture. Weed frequently throughout the year and use a thick mulch in between the rows.

Harvest garlic scapes when they begin to curl.

To avoid disease issues, don’t use overhead sprinklers to irrigate boxwoods.

Watering in the mornings rather than the evenings can reduce slug damage to plant leaves such as hostas.

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