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Week of March 14, 2022

Start asparagus beds with one-year-old male hybrid plants, called crowns.Start asparagus beds with one-year-old male hybrid plants, called crowns.

Sow pea seeds about 1 inch deep as soon as the soil reaches 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Prune sweet autumn clematis now; flowers are borne on current season’s growth.

The common snowberry or belluaine (symphoricarpos albus [L.] Blake) is a valuable wildlife plant due to its production of fruit in late fall and winter. Flowering in May and June, its ability to grow on steep banks makes it helpful in controlling soil erosion. The American robin and cedar waxwing are attracted to the common snowberry for a source of food and cover.

Large weed or invasive plant problems might be best handled by a professional. Visit to find a qualified landscaper near you!

Always use room-temperature water when watering your seedlings. Cold water will slow the growth and development of seedlings.

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