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Week of May 31, 2021

Plant a rose in memory of those who served the country.Plant a rose in memory of those who served the country.

Mature asparagus beds can be harvested for 4 to 6 weeks.

To enjoy blueberries through the month of September, opt for Aurora. Producing moderately large, powder-blue berries, aurora surpasses other fall-bearing blueberries hands down! Growing on a rounded, upright bush, it spreads 5′-6′. Aurora is hardy to zone 5.

Remedy color lapses in the perennial garden with annual flowers.

A dense vigorously-growing lawn defends against weed and insect pests.

If a flower stem appears on a rhubarb plant, remove it. A flower may mean that the plant is in need of dividing, which you would do early next spring, or perhaps a soil amendment of manure of compost would be helpful.

Pinch off side buds of peonies to encourage larger blooms.

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