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Week of October 5, 2020

Consider cutting hydrangeas that have dried and bringing them into the house.Consider cutting hydrangeas that have dried and bringing them into the house.

Learning environments with plants are important for our kids’ mental and physical well-being. Research shows that test scores increase by 10%; children are 7% healthier; and symptoms of ADD are reduced in classrooms that contain plants. Teachers report more positive feelings, greater satisfaction, and less misbehavior with live plants nearby. Indoor plants remove air pollutants and stabilize CO2, while creating a happier and calmer space for creative and focused learning.

Divide spring blooming perennials such as astilbe and iris in the fall.

Harvest pumpkins when the rind is hard and the color is a uniformly, deep orange. If a longer storage life if preferred, leave 2” of stems attached to the fruit when harvesting.

Fresh dill will keep in the freezer for six months.

Clematis in beautiful shades of yellow include ‘Aureolin’, ‘rehderiana’, ‘tangutica’, and ‘Bill MacKenzie’.

Start a compost pile, if you don’t already have one, this fall. Simply pile up leaves and organic debris in an out-of-the-way space in the yard. Plan on turning the pile once a month to speed up composting.

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